Silver pendant necklaces

Silver pendant necklaces

Welcome to our nature inspired fashion jewellery shop, where a great selection of 'made in Germany' jewels is awaiting you. Our own brand workshop manufactures the individual hand made products like dandelion seed jewels, silver pendant necklaces, fashion watches and a lot of more things to a discount prices. Hand made jewels, that will round up your outfit.

Would you like to buy hand made silver pendant necklaces to a good price and to be sure, that you will get only the best quality? Then you will find in our assortment a huge offer, that invites you to order the silver pendant necklaces.

Our dandelion seed jewels is i. e. a great eyecatcher, which will round up your personal style. Timeless and wide-ranging is our selection of the silver pendant necklaces, and not only the nature inspired jewels, but also the 925 Sterling Silver ones are handmade classic elegant - wonderful accesoires for your own style.


Our huge selection of the silver pendant necklaces will be a real quest for you: should I choose the vintage jewels to discount a price or the Sterling Silver ones? The fashion jewellery or the nature inpired ones? Should I take the cheap handmade pendant necklaces or the one with the real blossoms inside? With so many kinds of our product lines you will quick get seduced to do more shopping, just like in our big store: necklaces, chains, finger rings, earrings, bracelets in our store you can get enchanted of all of them.


Chic, feminine and not too expensive necklaces: MadamLili makes Ladys' dreams with fancy nature and classic silver jewellery come true.