Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance

After all those nice sunny days this lil' bit of rain cannot be so bad now, but I decided to put on the RAIN-Necklace to breake the evil spell from the Weather Goddess. In the afternoon it stopped raining. Yes! I saved all of us from the near Apocalypse!

On the next day it was raining again. Well, the plants do need it. And the trees. It was raining till the evening, the whole day.

And it's still raining today.

After a short brainstorm I got a new strategy. I put on the JOY OF SUMMER-Earrings and the SUN DROPS-Necklace and went to work. I held them like a shield towards the heaven's anger. And I forgot my umbrella in the bus, damn! I got to work far too late and soaked from the pouring rain. At least my dear colleagues welcomed me warmly.

And - believe it or not - finally, a couple of hours later the sun was shining again!

"It can't rain all the time" as it has been said in one of my favourite movies.

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