About us

About us

The company MadamLili Design GmbH, founded in 2009, registered trademark since 2012, is specialized in the manufacture of handmade jewelry.
We are an international team, managing a shop with a jewelry making workshop, located on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. We work in cooperation with Karstadt, Promobo Berlin, a few shops in Germany, France, Norway and Poland as well as many online shops worldwide. With over 80 000 items sold on http://www.dawanda.de we are among the top sellers.

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Our Partners

• Karstadt Stores in Germany
• Promobo Designer Hackesche Höfe
Promobo Designer Store Mall of Berlin
Promobo Designer Bikinihaus Berlin
• Leopold Museum, Vienna
• Boutiques in Germany and Worldwide e.g.
Bragelonne in Paris, France
Kreative Deco in Figeac, France
NY Design in Oslo, Norway
S Ivory Outlet CH in Rzgow, Poland

With over 80 000 items sold on http://www.dawanda.de


• madamlili.com
• DaWanda.com (Topseller) •
• Etsy.com/de (Deutschland)


• etsy.com (USA)
• amio.com (Denmark)
• decobazaar.com (Poland)
• trendsetterka.com (Poland)
• mustache.pl (Poland)